A Brief Introduction Of Neixiang County Government Office

Neixiang County Government Office is situated in Xianya Dongjie of Neixiang, west-south of Henan. Neixiang also called Li County and Jutan County in the old years. And it is always the most important county of west Nanyang since the Qin Dynasty. In history, Neixiang's biggest area is in Yuan Dynasty and it included Neixiang County, Xixia County and Xichuan County. So it's the strategic place.

Neixiang County Government Office was the most well preserved government office of county level in feudal China. It's the first Museum of County Government Office in China in 1984. It has the famous saying''Beijing is the dragon head while the dragon's tail is in Neixiang''. '' The Imperial Palace in North and County Government Office in South''. The state council proclaimed it to be a national protected historical relic.

The construction of Neixiang County Government Office started in 1304 in Yuan Dynasty, and it has existed for about 700 years. The present buildings here were built in 1894 in Qing Dynasty by the magistrate who was called Zhang bing tao.

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